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Which is the price of your spray tanning booth?

The price for 1 ALL IN ONE is 21.000 EUR per unit.

The price for 2 ALL IN ONE is 30.000 EUR.

Shipping and installation are excluded

Please check the price list for a complete information.

How long it will take to deliver the order after we make the

30-60 days to produce the cabin. Please note that production days can take also 7-8 days if we have all the parts at warehouse or if we have some units ready at warehouse.

Which are payments conditions?

50% to the order 50% before order ship.

Do you have marketing material?

Yes, We give to our distributor our marketing material to be modified and customized. If you want we can make for you for a special price.

Why customers should choose your spray tanning booth?

Our cabin has an high quality and is very simple to be used. Check our marketing material to understand our point of straight.

How it works the machine?

The machine make the spray tanning treatment automatically. Our machine make a complete turn around the customer so the customer don't need to move it.

On our website www.first-tan.com and on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/FirstTan/videos/?ref=page_internal you can see how it works our machine, but it would be great if you visit us in Itay to try the machine. The machine will spray automatically and the client will stay in vertical cabin and your stuff doesn’t need to do anything?

Which is the machine dimension?

The machine dimensions are: 130x180x220 cm.

The room recommended dimensions are 250x300x250 cm

How long the tanning would last after the tanning session?

5-7 days.

What are the options for tan?

In the machine you can use until 3 tanning lotion contemporaly.

Has the cabin the possibility to apply also other products? Yes, at the moment we have avaible also:

- Sun protection lotion.

- Aftersun.

- Slimming product.

- Lifting product.

- Mineralizing product to be used after training and sport.

What are the colors do you have?

8%, 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 10% clear, 12% clear,Body Builder.

How many times can the client repeat the sessions? Is there a limit for tanning sessions per year?

We usually suggest 1 - 2 per week.

What is the possible complications could happened to the clients because of the tanning session?

None. It's very safe.


is the machine self cleaning or I have to clean if between clients?

The machine must be clean after 3 treatments. For every customer you
have to change  paper on the floor.

Can I use any tanning lotion in the machine?

On the  ALL IN ONE a customer cannot put other tanning lotion or the machine doesn't work. On every purchase we give them the authorization to make some treatments. After they finish the authorized treatments the machine will stop until the new purchase. We will check this trough the PLC program. The spray booth must be connected to internet to this.


The filter must be changed every 200 sessions, and cost 4 eur.

Does the machine talk the instructions?

Yes, there is a voice (customizable in every language) that guide the customer.

Which is the delivery dimension?

The spray booth will be delivered disassembled on 2 pallets.

160x160x75 cm 100 kg

210x80x50 cm 150 kg

we have to send you a technician to assemble and cost 300 eur  per day + airplane ticket and hotel for 1 night.

Which is the duty on the booths and tanning products?

Here the custom on code to find the duty in your country:

Solution/skincare - 3304.99.5000

HVLP machines and accessories- 8414.8016.85

Are the items approved in the USA by the government?

As importer you will be responsible to check what your government request. We will give you any assistance that you need.


Our company is registered on FDA. For your market we have to provide you the products with the USA Ingredients on it. Offcourse the ingredients must be approved by FDA. Our ingredients should be approved by  FDA but you have to check before start to import our products.


We will provide a machine with CE Certification. We can also prepare the UL certification if you need.

Are the items approved in EUROPE by the government?

Yes the products are conform to the EU Rules.


If you make a private label you have to register your products on CPNP. Our consultant division can make for you.


We will provide a machine with CE Certification.

How long time will the installation take?

Usually 4 hours.

How long time - customer initial training (to learn operate the booth and do small repairs)?

Usually 4 hours.

How do you train my team?

We require that our Distributors follow a 2 days training course.The training course has a cost of 600 euros and can be attended in our company or to in your structure. Travel cost and accommodation are at your charge.

Which warranty do you provide?

We give a 1 year warranty on Spare Parts. If you have a fault we can send you a technician for free but travel cost and accommodation are at your charge.

With an optional The spray booth must be connected to internet for the remote assistance by our technical office.

Do you provide a service agreement to the final customers?

The machine require some maintenance activities

Usually we ask to final customer to sign an annual service agreement for 800 eur. The service contract includes three technical interventions per  year (spare parts excluded).

The maintenance is very easy to be done.

You have to change, filters, the nozzle and 3 valve every some sessions and clean the coloumn inside. See the maintenance manual for additional informations.


     TO DO





Change Filters

4 filters: 10 €




Change OR Gun.

Change 3 Valves.

Extraction column cleaning.

OR Gun: 56 €

3 Valves: 110 €




How can I have Exclusive Distribution?

We require for an exclusive distribution of an entire country a year budget of 81.000 euro for the first year and 108.000 euro for the next years. If you want a distribution for more than one countries, the budget will be the sum of the individual country budget.

To become an exclusive distributor you have to buy 2 units immediately an 1 unit every 3 months. On the next years you have to buy 8 units. Mimimim 1 unit every 3 months, but before the end of the year you have to buy 8 units total.

If you will not respect the budget you lost the exclusive distribution.

Where are you located? How can we reach You?

Yes, you can visit our factories in Italy, where you can see our products and manufacturing plant.

We are located in Bergamo, Brescia and Verona.

By flight you can choose Milan Linate Airport or Verona Villafranca or Milan Bergamo Orio al serio (Ryan airport). The nearest airport is Bergamo Orio al serio (ryair airport).


Our machine work with :

- 220-240v 55 hz.

- 110v

Do I need a compressor?

Yes, the compressor is necessary to atomize tanning lotion. We require to link to the machine an OIL LESS compressor that work  with 3 bar  minimum (24 liters tank).

we have 2 models:

 - FIAC that cost 300 eur but cannot be installed in the same cabin of the machine because it is noisy. Usually this compressor is installed in a technical room or under the shop. The compressor can be located
at a distance from the machine of 10 m.

- MGF: is a SILENT compressor that can be in the same machine cabin but it cost. 900 eur.

- you can buy compressor OIL LESS in your country if you want. Minimum requirements as the FIAC one.

We attach for you technical data sheet about the compressors.